Six-year plan paints brighter future for Waterford


THE Office of the Planning Regulator (OPR) has commended Waterford City and County Council on “a coherent and appropriate strategy for the delivery of key national planning objectives including the promotion of compact growth and town and village centre regeneration.”

It comes after the adoption of the Waterford City and County Development Plan 2022-2028 by elected members of the local authority. The plan covers the six-year period from 2022 – 2028.

Michael Walsh, Chief Executive, Waterford City and County Council said: “With our ultimate aims of enhancing growth of the wider city region and driving regional prosperity to make Waterford the best place to live, work and invest, this Development Plan provides us with a clear road-map to enable us to attain those objectives.

highest level of engagement received for any draft development plan

“Throughout the process there was extensive public consultation and collaboration. In fact, with a total of 1,155 written submissions, it was the highest level of engagement received for any draft development plan.

“It is evident that the people of Waterford care deeply about how our city and county develop, and Waterford City and County Council is committed to a proactive and dynamic approach towards sustainable social, environmental and economic development of the region.”

the people of Waterford care deeply about how our city and county develop

The OPR stated: “The preparation of the City Neighbourhood Strategy, Appendix 21 ‘Waterford City and County Regeneration and Opportunity Sites’, and inclusion of brownfield targets for the county’s settlements within the core strategy table are all welcomed and
demonstrates the planning authority’s objective to support compact growth and the provisions of NSO 1 of the National Planning Framework.”

It added, “Furthermore the delivery of a robust renewable energy strategy, which provides for measurable renewable energy targets, demonstrates the planning authority’s clear commitment to supporting national renewable energy targets under the Climate Action Plan 2021.”

The Development Plan also provides the basis on which Local Area Plans will be prepared for parts of Waterford City, Dungarvan, Tramore and other urban towns across the county.
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