Wonder Walls on show

    Picture: Artists get to work on the walls. Photo Credit: Jose Soares Gringo Pictures

    YOU will no longer have to feel bad staring at the walls this month, as the Waterford Walls Festival is bringing 20 artists to the city to create large scale murals, and for the first time, expanding the festival to the county, with mural artworks being painted in Ballyduff Upper, Ring, Tallow and Tramore.

    Guided Art Tours can be booked on any day or time that suits, and will be led by one of Waterford Walls’ knowledgeable tour guides. These guides know all the stories behind each of the murals, of which there are now well over 100.

    The Waterford Walls team are also bringing a whole new artistic experience to Waterford with the launch of their new digital app, podcast, and Moving Murals tour.

    Another addition to the digital arts programme is their new community podcast.

    “The main reason for launching this,” Edel Tobin, founder of the festival explained, “was to share the wonderful behind-the-scenes stories of the festival, the artwork, and the impact it has had on the community with everyone.”

    There will be a Panel Talk on the podcast in GOMA Art Gallery, August 19 at 6.30pm.


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