Waterford Walls – bringing uplifting art to the public


    It’s that time of year again! Summer in Waterford, with plenty of
    sunshine, and if you look carefully you may spot the odd artist atop a machine transforming a forgotten wall into a spectacular mural artwork.

    Yes, the 2021 International Waterford Walls Street Art
    Festival is here again, and has been able to work within the current
    restrictions, still bringing uplifting art to the public, just as it
    did last year.

    You may have already stumbled upon one of the two walls already
    created as part of this year’s festival programme: Fabio Petani’s wrap
    of the Trade Coffee building on Coffeehouse Lane (pictured below), and Curtis Hylton’s
    stunning botanical work on City Square on High Street (Main image).

    These were the first two artists of 2021’s festival programme, and we look forward to
    welcoming 18 more artists over the next few months as they travel to
    Ireland’s Capital of Street Art.

    The official dates for the festival this year are August 13th-22nd,
    when Waterford Walls will be launching multiple new programmes as part
    of this year’s event.

    The new Mentorship Programme will see up and coming Irish artists
    learning from internationally renowned street artists, creating their
    own mural artworks along Stephen St as they expand their skills and
    knowledge of this art form.

    The festival is expanding out into the County this year, and Waterford
    Walls will be bringing incredible artwork to Tramore, An Rinn,
    Ballyduff Upper and Tallow, and they hope to continue this development
    of mural artwork throughout Waterford County over the next few years.

    The renowned Waterford Walls Guided Art Trails are back, with a great
    team of knowledgeable guides who will introduce you to the newest
    addition to the walls: Moving Murals. With a free to download app,
    available at each wall by scanning the QR code there, seven of the
    mural artworks can now come to life in front of your very eyes, and
    Jackie Charlton’s animation is sure to be a great hit with everyone
    who sees it.

    The festival will also be hosting an expert talk in GOMA on the
    creation of this digital app and the communities involved in making it
    a reality, along with a demonstration with everyone in the audience.

    Unfortunately, due to current restrictions the under 18 volunteer
    programme had to be postponed again until next year, but the festival
    is still accepting applications from adults to come and experience the
    festival as a volunteer, and be involved in a project that transforms
    the city, and now county, into Ireland’s largest outdoor art gallery.

    After a difficult year and a half, Waterford Walls has one goal: to
    bring life and joy to Waterford through the gift of stunning public
    artwork for everyone to enjoy.


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