Walking Group Removes Over 150 Bags of Rubbish From the Wicklow/Dublin Uplands


The 2019 Pure Mile Competition is in full clean-up mode right now with over 300 miles of road, mountains, valleys, woodlands and forestries, being adopted by a variety of communities, groups, individuals, organisations, businesses, scouts, walking groups and cycling clubs, and now involves over 1,500 volunteers who are assisting Pure to, Clean Up The Uplands.

A recent litter pick and clean up by the Glencree Walking Group in the beautiful scenic Wicklow/Dublin uplands, all the way from Kilakee Car Park in South Dublin to the Sally Gap Cross Roads in Wicklow, resulted in the removal of over 150 bags of rubbish, tyres, flooring, discarded pallets, and a considerable amount of domestic waste.

This was the third year that Pure and The Glencree Walking Group joined forces to Clean Up The Uplands, and although a considerable amount of litter and rubbish was removed on the day, it was acknowledged by all involved, that there was a noticeable reduction of litter on the 10 mile stretch of road. The first collaboration resulted in the removal of hundreds of bags of litter and over 3,000kg of illegal dumping.

Ian Davis, Pure Manager commented.
‘The Wicklow/Dublin Uplands is a unique landscape and environment, attracting thousands of visitors annually. It is also worth noting that this landscape is of environmental significance, and part of the Wicklow Mountains National Park. It’s an area of both Irish and European significance and protected under the European Habitats Directive as a Special Area of Conservation. The amount of litter and dumping encountered on the day was both disgusting and disheartening. However, the enthusiasm, energy, and commitment, demonstrated by the people involved in the cleanup was extremely uplifting.’

Although Pure has removed over 3,250 tonnes (3,250,000 kg), of illegal dumping from this beautiful scenic landscape, they only have one truck and one driver, and unfortunately, they are unable to remove the unsightly small-scale litter. The Glencree Walking Group clean-up makes a huge difference to the appearance of the Wicklow/Dublin uplands and a number of other Pure Mile groups are currently organising similar cleanups of, upland roads, mountain trails, woodlands and forestries.
Joe McNamara of The Glencree Walking Group stated;
‘Working with the Pure, and by adopting this stretch of road, and doing this cleanup, it’s our way of keeping the uplands pure and clean, the way it should be.’

Pure supply all groups with Pure Mile bags, litter pickers, gloves, Pure Mile high-vis jackets, and the Pure Truck removes all of rubbish gathered by groups.

Further information on Pure can be found on www.pureproject.ie

TO REPORT DUMPERS AND DUMPING lo–call 1850 365 121


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