Locals urged to have their say on town’s future


The people of Greystones are being invited to have their say on an important plan to improve the public realm in the town.

Wicklow County Council and Greystones 2020 have appointed commissioned a team of specialists -headed by The Paul Hogarth Company – to create a plan for the Public Realm in Greystones.

The consultants have been asked in particular to look at the most effective presentation, management and enhancement of areas such as:

  • Approaches and gateways into the town
  • Public Space network
  • Parking and traffic
  • Signage and Wayfinding
  • History and Heritage
  • Tourist Destination
  • Parking, Traffic and Public Transport

Having held a very successful initial consultation event and engaged with local school students, the team conducted a spatial and technical analysis of Greystones and have now developed an initial Draft Plan for consideration.

This is your town, this is your plan, we want you to be involved

The Draft Plan includes a broad range of innovative and bespoke projects to be delivered across the short, medium and longer term that seek to address climatic, demographic and economic change in Greystones.

Once finalised, these will be used as the basis for funding applications. As the Plan is a work in progress, residents are strongly encourage to view the draft proposals and help shape the future of Greystones.

The Draft Plan material will be available to view online between Wednesday, 20th November, and 3rd December 2019.

It is very important everyone continues to engage with the plan process and share their views on these emerging projects and other ideas.

“This is your town, this is your plan, and so we want you to be truly involved in it,” a spokesperson said.

Although Greystones is a thriving town, it is faced with challenges that need to be tackled, including increased development and traffic congestion.


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