Garry loses big!

Garry after

A slimmer from Bray has been named as a finalist in the Unislim Awards after losing an incredible five stone.

Garry Finane (46) says he has transformed his life forever: “I’m a lot more confident now, I sleep a lot better, I’ve so much more energy”.

Due to his incredible success, Garry has made it onto the shortlist of only 12 ‘Uni-slimmers’ from across the country.  On October 17 Garry will take to the catwalk in the annual Unislim Awards in Dublin, where the winner will walk away with €1,000.

“I always kept active and looked after myself over the years and was never really overweight,” Garry says. “A change of job meant I was no longer cycling to work, and I had further to travel, so I took the car.

Garry before

The weight started creeping up and all of a sudden

“The weight started creeping up and all of a sudden, I was carrying a lot more than I realised. My wife Jennie started chatting to me about joining the local Unislim class with her in January.

“I wouldn’t commit and I didn’t really know much about it, but she phoned me on her way to her first class saying she was going to join and I thought I might as well go along with her, sure what have I got to lose?

“And lose I did, I’m now five stone lighter and absolutely delighted with how I feel.

“The energy I have is just fantastic.”


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