Council should return Bray Boxing Club back to Community use


Independent local election candidate Rory O’Connor has called on Wicklow County Council to return Bray Boxing Club back to community use.

Bray Boxing Club, also known as Taylor Made Boxing Gym, made national headlines last year following the murder of innocent grandfather Bobby Messett. The gym has been closed ever since and was repossessed by Wicklow County Council in June 2018.

At the time, the Council released a statement saying it “has a responsibility to ensure that the building is restored to a condition fit for community use. An examination is to be carried out at the premises with a view to undertaking any necessary repairs.” The council also said it would be liaising with representatives of the boxing club about the issue. The building was originally built in 2014 at a cost of €300,000.

Local election candidate Rory O’Connor said: “The Council has had nearly a year to do something with this vacant space and yet nothing has been done. We need to be more pro-active in using this space for the benefit of the area. The Shoreline gym is an excellent resource for the people in the surrounding areas of the Southern Cross and a gym on the coastal side could be restored and offer specialised classes to Bray Youth Service.”

“Bray Youth Service could run youth-specific classes that creates a space for young people to receive sports mentoring in a top-class facility.”


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