Waterford breweries to celebrate a true sense of genuine independence!


Ireland’s Independent Craft Brewers launch their weeklong celebration of genuinely independent beer and unveil the association’s symbol.

Ireland’s network of Independent Craft Breweries will host their annual Indie Beer Week (Wednesday 22nd to Sunday 26th May 2019) during which Dungarvan Brewing and Metalman Brewing will be celebrating the best of independent craft beer in Waterford.

The centre piece of this year’s celebration will be the launch of the symbol to distinguish genuinely independent craft beers from mass-produced global beer brands available in the hugely competitive marketplace today. The Independent Craft Brewers, which is made up of over 30 microbreweries, will host a weeklong series of nationwide celebrations including events in Waterford.

Commenting on the launch, the Chairperson of the Independent Craft Brewers of Ireland (ICBI), Peter Mosley, said: “This year, we are introducing to people in Waterford a striking symbol which will help consumers recognise a genuine independent artisan beer from a mass-produced, high volume, fake craft beers produced by global giants. The Independent Irish Craft Beer symbol will guarantee that a beer is made in a genuinely independent microbrewery in Ireland. As our organisation has been growing in such large numbers, with now 32 independent craft brewers as members, we are unveiling the symbol to the public to promote independent and genuine microbrewers. We are proud of our members in Waterford and their very loyal following in the Deise.”

Our week-long celebrations will encourage people in Waterford to discover their local independent breweries

Peter went on to say: “Indie Beer Week is also the start of a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the brilliant breweries in every corner of Ireland who employ talented young professionals with a massive emphasis on producing quality and independent beers. Our week-long celebrations will encourage people in Waterford to discover their local independent breweries and to taste and explore particular beers unique to the county.”

This year’s Indie Beer Week will feature a weeklong nationwide celebration of truly independent Irish brewing. Dungarvan Brewing and Metalman Brewing will involve their local pubs, restaurants or off-licences for tastings, live music and local food to highlight their dynamic range of truly unique and genuine beers.

This year is the third annual Indie Beer Week Festival which has grown dramatically in support from the network of Independent Craft Breweries across Ireland and the public seeking new genuine beers.


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