Shanahan backed to ‘beat the blather’

Hospital campaigner, Cllr. Matt Shanahan

ONE of Waterford’s big council vote-winners over the years has come out with a strong General Election endorsement of hospital campaigner, Matt Shanahan.

Cllr Joe Conway says “some very worthy candidates” are running in the Waterford constituency but he has concluded that Mr Shanahan is the one to stand up against “the blather that is thrown Waterford’s way by the HSE”.

“And that is why I will be giving him my endorsement at the ballot-box – because it is a vote for a proper Hospital Service here, and because he is a creditable and knowledgeable Independent,” Mr Conway said in a statement.

this is an opportunity we cannot pass up for UHW

He said he would be voting right down the list but his fellow Independent would get his No 1.

“Fundamentally, and in essence, this is an opportunity we cannot pass up for UHW. If we do not register our support on that question resoundingly, the new Government can justifiably say that we are satisfied with the service we have.”


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