Setting pace for sensory shopping


WATERFORD Retail Park is leading the way in sensory-friendly shopping to make store visits easier for people with autism and other sensory difficulties.

Initiatives will include the availability of peaked caps for people with autism and other sensory issues. They will block out light and help staff to identify people who may need assistance. Peaked caps reduce the possibility of sensory overload.

There will also be ‘quiet hours’ to facilitate visits by people with autism and other sensory difficulties which will be advertised on the Park’s Facebook page.

Participating stores are:

  • Currys PC World,
  • EZ Living Interiors,
  • Halfords,
  • Harvey Norman,
  • Home Focus,
  • Home Store and More,
  • Maxi Zoo.

“There needs to be bigger and better awareness of autism in our communities across the country and Waterford Retail Park is more than happy to lead the way,” said Jenna Culligan, asset manager.


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