Sending a message to the Taoiseach

Waterford councillor Matt Shanahan

WATERFORD has taken its demand for better health care directly to the Taoiseach.

Supporters of Health Equality for the South East (HEFSE) have handed more than 5,000 signed declarations to Leo Varadkar’s office in Dublin.

The declarations were signed at on-street events and festivals as part of the Hand On Heart campaign, calling on the Government to immediately commit to delivering a 24/7 cardiac care service for the South East.

Oireachtas members, including several TDs and senators from Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny, Carlow and Tipperary stood outside the Dáil in protest as the petition was handed in.

HEFSE spokesperson and Waterford councillor Matt Shanahan described the demo as “very positive”.

He said: “We executed delivery of a Hand On Heart promise given to so many who signed voting declarations in past months across the region.”


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