Rockin’: beach stone exhibition opens at UHW


‘Rock Face’, an exhibition by Adrian Crellin, has opened on the Staff Art Wall at University Hospital Waterford (UHW). Featuring an eclectic collection of hag stones found on beach walks in County Waterford, ‘Rock Face’ continues until 20 December.

The Staff Art Wall is managed by Waterford Healing Arts Trust and aims to celebrate the creativity of HSE staff by providing an opportunity for staff to display their work at the hospital. The Staff Art Wall is hugely popular among patients, visitors and staff.

Adrian Crellin is a Clinical Nurse Manager on Medical Ward 4. His collection of photographs from the Isle of Man was exhibited on the Staff Art Wall at UHW in 2016.

What does your inner child see?

With this new exhibition, Adrian explains “I wanted to do something different, which was both a bit of fun and quirky, but also to let people use their imagination. I have given each picture a different name as to what I see, but the question I ask is ‘What does your inner child see?’”

Hag stones are rocks that contain naturally occurring holes. They are said to be spiritual, a gateway to the fairy world, and are sometimes used to ward off evil spirits or prevent nightmares. They have also been used in fertility spells, to ward off ghosts or to protect livestock and property.

Waterford Healing Arts Trust (WHAT) is Ireland’s leading arts and health organisation. Established in 1993, WHAT brings arts experiences to the bedsides of patients at University Hospital Waterford and other healthcare settings.

WHAT believes that the arts contribute to the wellbeing and vitality of society and that engaging with the arts stimulates the participant’s sense of identity and creativity.

WHAT supports the development of arts and health in Ireland and manages the national website

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