Rights scheme to help local landlords


THE Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) is inviting landlords in Waterford and the neighbouring counties to take part in a scheme to improve knowledge of their legal rights.

The Betterlet: RTB Landlord Accreditation scheme aims to support landlords to gain a stronger understanding of their rental rights and responsibilities and to improve knowledge of the latest legislative changes that effect their tenancies.

The RTB is hosting a free one-day accreditation course for landlords on Saturday, 23 November, in the River Court Hotel, Kilkenny.

The accreditation course will take place from 10:00am to 5:00pm and will cover the following areas, which have been updated with the latest legislative changes:

  • Pre-tenancy guidance
  • How to manage a tenancy throughout from beginning to end
  • Rights and responsibilities – landlord and tenant
  • Dispute prevention and what to do if things go wrong
  • Minimum standards – how to ensure your property is compliant with the minimum standards
  • Rent Pressure Zone qualification criteria and exemptions
  • How to end a tenancy – information on how to correctly serve notice and what reasons can be relied upon.

helping to mitigate any unnecessary penalties or disputes with tenants

Participants’ accreditation will be subject to a short assessment at the end of the course and once awarded, accreditation to the scheme is valid for two years.

Commenting on the benefits of the Betterlet: RTB Accredited Landlord scheme, Caren Gallagher, RTB Head of Communications and Research, said:

“Our accredited scheme works to support landlords to be better informed and more confident in their ability to apply and adhere to the regulations under which they must operate, helping to mitigate any unnecessary penalties or disputes with tenants.”

To register for the accreditation course, contact the RTB at [email protected] or visit www.rtb.ie to learn more.


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