Plans for a walking trail along the coast


WATERFORD City and County Council is now accepting the public submissions on the development of a coastal walking trail from Portally Cove to Ballymacaw Cove.

The principal features will be:

  • The development of a 4.8km recreational coastal walking trail from Portally Cove to Ballymacaw Cove within the townlands of Portally, Rathmoylan and Ballymacaw.
  • The development of three water crossings proposed for Portally Cove, Rathmoylan Cove and Ballymacaw Cove.
  • The 4.8km trail surface will be retained as is for the majority of the route with rerouting only proposed in the interest of safety and will traverse agricultural grassland which will be fenced where required.

Fencing, access gates, drainage and ancillary trail infrastructure will be installed to Sport Ireland Trails Office standards.

Waterford City and County Council has determined that there is no real likelihood of significant effects on the environment.


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