Never too old to tango, says Jim (99)


JIM McManus will be 100 next year – and he’s still dancing.

More remarkably, he is dancing the tango. And this incredible 99-year-old man from Waterford has been dancing at the World Tango Championships in Buenos Aires.

Jim has represented Ireland at the event along with his partner Lucia Seva, who is from Argentina. They received a standing ovation from the Buenos Aires audience.

Jim says eating well and dancing have helped him live so long.

Dancing is good exercise for the whole body

He told WLR : “It’s no secret… eating the right sort of things, not eating the things which you shouldn’t eat and avoiding certain things, like too much booze and fags.

“Dancing is good exercise for the whole body, the brain, the arms, the legs, heart and everything.”

His journey to Argentina was helped by pals who raised €2,400 on a GoFundMe page.

Jim, originally from Paisley in Scotland, dances every Tuesday with Waterford Tango group.


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