LEO to help firms deal with Brexit

David Walsh, Head of Enterprise at Local Enterprise Office Waterford

From October 31st how we trade with the UK will change profoundly.

Importing and exporting procedures, customs compliance, goods classification, goods transit and tariffs will, in the event of a no-deal Brexit be subject to the rules of trade with a “Third Country.”

Once the UK leaves the Customs Union, it will be regarded as a non-European Union country, so therefore Waterford companies need to prepare for dealing with a post-Brexit UK.

Local Enterprise Office Waterford will host a free #BrexitReady Customs Export & Import Procedures workshop on Friday, September 13th, that will focus on the potential impacts, formalities and procedures Waterford businesses will need to adopt when trading with a “Third Country.”

Regardless of a hard or soft Customs Brexit, goods to and from the UK or transiting through the UK, will be subject to strict compliance and documentation requirements.

Waterford businesses that move goods into and out of the UK will have a customs requirement and will need to understand the new customs paperwork, how to classify their goods and understand what their potential duty cost will be.

David Walsh, Head of Enterprise at Local Enterprise Office Waterford said that the uncertainty surrounding Brexit necessitated this Brexit Ready workshop.

“There is a lot of vagueness surrounding the implications of the UK leaving the Customs Union on October 31st. Brexit will have an impact on us all and especially on Waterford companies that trade with the UK. Preparing and laying the groundwork for Brexit should make the challenges the October 31st deadline brings more palatable.”

To book your place visit www.localenterprise.ie/Waterford
Attendance is free but early booking is essential.

If you have any queries regarding your business and Brexit, talk to LEO Waterford #BrexitReady advisor, David Walsh, by calling 0761 102 905 or email [email protected]


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