History for sale: put it on the slate

    Picture: Dean Jansson and curate Trevor Sargent at the cathedral

    CHRIST Church Cathedral hopes to pay for a new roof by selling slates from the old one.
    Dean Maria Jansson is inviting the public to buy a piece of history by purchasing a 240-year-old slate taken from the original roof of the cathedral, built by John Roberts in 1779.

    “The Cathedral belongs to the city, it always has done,” she explained. “It has so many friends throughout Waterford and beyond, we hope this campaign captures their imagination.”

    The Cathedral belongs to the city, it always has done,

    Volunteers are on hand in the cathedral to help anyone buy a slate for a €50 donation .
    The cathedral also hopes to raise funds through an evening of lectures on September 25.

    Patsy McGarry, the Irish Times Religious Affairs Correspondent, will lead off with an evaluation of the changing role of the Church of Ireland. This will be followed by Dean Jansson’s exploration of the changing role of the cathedral and the CEO of Waterford council, Michael Walsh, will set out his view on the future of Waterford, socially and economically.

    The event which starts at 6.30 is free but will be used to launch the fundraising campaign to replace the slates on its roof.


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