Get Hook’ed this Halloween!


WITH Halloween is just around the corner, make plans to discover the history and mystery of the 800-year-old Hook Lighthouse and celebrate a free traditional Samhain Festival on the weekend of October 26th to 28th and October 31st.

At 2pm and at 3pm daily, a free Féile Samhain ritual will be showcased at Hook where age-old tales of Samhain will be shared by ‘Druids’ around the circles of fire at Hook Lighthouse; families are invited to gather around the blazing fire baskets beneath the ever-present beam of the 800-year-old lighthouse to hear stories of druids and ancient Irish Samhain customs and heritage in the graveyard of one thousand ships.

If the weather is bad, storytelling will take place inside.

These events are free and no pre-booking is required.

Also on offer throughout mid-term are special Halloween art workshops with great local resident artist Rose.

Later in the evenings for adults and ‘grown-up’ kids special ghastly lantern-lead Halloween tours are on offer but only for those who like the ghoulish and ‘sphooky’ will be on offer from 5.30 pm to 7 pm.

Venture into darkness as you ascend the 115 steps of the lighthouse tower for a night-time view of the graveyard of 1,000 ships, explore the original keepers’ quarters and learn about the ghostly tales behind Hook Lighthouse.


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