Don’t lose it, you can re-use it

Picture: Pearse Nolan and Keith Earle turn their hands to lawn mower repair

OCTOBER has been designated National Reuse Month and a Waterford group is setting a good example.

Renew Enterprises repairs everyday items such as bicycles, wheelchairs, lawnmowers, strimmers and hedgecutters, and gets them back in use.

On October 17, it is holding an Open Morning to raise awareness about the work it does in preventing items going to landfill.

Renew is a not-for-profit enterprise operated by Treo Port Lairge CLG. It was established to create full-time employment for people who are out of the labour market and to provide opportunities to learn and practise new skills.

service and repair a whole range of  everyday items for our customers at a reduced cost

“We operate a busy workshop that services and repairs a whole range of mechanical and everyday items for our customers at a reduced cost,” explains Renew’s manager Nicola Tull.

“In many cases when the item is beyond repair, we strip the parts that can be reused, thus reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill.”

The Open Morning takes place between 10am and 1pm on Thursday, October 17 at Unit 2, Block 4, Lacken Road, Business Park, Kilbarry.

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