Council ‘should be ashamed’ of dereliction at former pub site

Picture: Rubbish dumped at the derelict site

A POLITICIAN says Waterford council should be ashamed of the way a derelict site has been abandoned . The old Flynn’s Public House on Fountain Street is attracting anti-social behaviour, says Fianna Fáil Cllr Eamon Quinlan.

“Last week, the alarm was raised by local residents living in the Ferrybank area who have seen the degradation of the old Flynn’s Public House to the point where organised illegal boxing matches are now being held at the rear of the premises,” he said.

Gardaí were called to break up an organised fight among a large group of men.
Waterford Council has now committed to carrying out an investigation of damage caused to the site and to secure it to avoid a repeat of the events.

dissuade criminals who have taken such a shine to Ferrybank

“The premises must be secured with proper security fencing, at a minimum, and the recent fighting means the council will have to employ a security company to monitor such a large open site and dissuade those criminal elements who have taken such a shine to the Ferrybank area,” said Cllr Quinlan.

“We must have a zero tolerance policy, with increased garda patrols so that it becomes too costly to continue to operate in the area with criminal intent.”


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