Murphy shocked over 39 deaths


THE President of the Irish Road Haulage Association, Verona Murphy, has said she is “shocked and saddened’ at the death of the 39 refugees in the back of a container transporter. 

“I’d like to remind our members to ensure that their drivers carry out their vehicle checks with utmost vigilance at every appropriate opportunity,” the Wexford resident said.

no assumptions can be made

“We do not yet know the details of how this container was transported and by what route and no assumptions can be made.

“However, the potentially horrendous consequences for migrants attempting to stow away on passing vehicles must be kept in mind, as well as the safety of drivers, at all times.

“It is a difficult part of our job as hauliers but it is a constant risk and can only be dealt with in a vigilant and professional manner,” Ms Murphy said.


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