Cllr wants a review of road speed cut


WEXFORD County Councillor Aidan Browne has called for an urgent review of the new speed limit on the Clough to Enniscorthy road.

“Following the opening of the M11 motorway, this primary roadway became a regional road, namely an extension of the R772. As a result, the speed limit was reduced automatically to 80 kilometres an hour,” he said in a statement.

change has sparked real frustration among the communities

“This change has sparked real frustration among the communities dotted along this stretch of high quality road. I think it’s very important that a public consultation be undertaken as soon as possible to ensure that local residents can have their say on increasing the speed limit back to the original 100 kilometres per hour.

“After all, this is a decision that will impact their commutes and car journeys for many years to come,” said Cllr Browne.


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