104 homes could be ok for scheme


A large proportion of Wexford householders previously disqualified from a scheme designed to keep them in their homes could now be eligible to re-enter.

New figures from the Housing Agency show that 104 households in the county were ruled out of the Mortgage To Rent scheme that aims to keep homeowners with unsustainable debt in their current homes.

However, a leading expert in the field says many of those who had their applications rejected could now find solutions thanks to changes in the scheme which allows householders to remain in their homes as tenants of their local authority, paying an affordable income-based  rent.

happy to consider rural dwellings

“There has been a widening of the house value eligibility parameters by the Government, which have risen to €305,000 in Wexford,” said Paul Cunningham, CEO of the only Government-approved Mortgage To Rent private operator, Home For Life.

“Another reason is Home For Life’s arrival into the scheme. Unlike many other operators, we are happy to consider rural dwellings.”


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