Whiskey and tea team up for a talk


WHISKEY and tea may seem an unusual blend – but it makes a great story.

Bushmills Irish Whiskey has announcing a collaboration with specialist tea makers, Suki Tea for the #BlackBushStories 2019 campaign.

The co-founder of the Irish tea company, Oscar Woolley, will join Bushmills to host a series of whiskey and tea blending masterclass events this month and next. One will take place at Drury Buildings, Dublin, on April 30 and May 1.

Guests will take part in an educational tasting session on some of Bushmills’ best loved Irish whiskeys, led by the Bushmills Brand Ambassador, before hearing Oscar’s story on how he turned a love of tea into a career. Attendees will then enjoy a tea tasting session and finish the night creating their own personalised tea blends.

Specially created Black Bush drinks, including a tea-based cocktail, will be served throughout the event. The collaboration between the two Irish brands will also introduce a limited edition, Black Bush inspired, loose leaf tea designed by Oscar.

Taking influence from the rich, smooth notes of Black Bush, Oscar has created a blend bursting with aromatic, warm spices and a finishing flavour of sweet, dried fruit, mirroring the big robust flavours and velvety smooth character of the fampuse whiskey.

A passion for tea and a thirst for innovation has made Oscar – who aims to revolutionise tea one leaf at a time – one of the country’s leading entrepreneurs.

The collaboration forms part of the immersive event series which tells the stories of independent, spirited and extraordinary talent across Ireland and aims to inspire others to follow their own passions, whatever they may be.

To register for ‘Black Bush Blended’ and to hear more about Oscar’s story, visit blackbushstories.com .


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