We’re facing climate change apocalypse

Leading Irish climatologist Professor John Sweeney

IRELAND is heading for a climate change apocalypse come 2050 if we don’t implement massive changes, experts have warned.

We face catastrophic shifts to the weather, agriculture and even the habitability of some areas all leading the end of civilisation as we know it within the next three decades.

Unless drastic action is taken now, environmental scientists have warned that we face:

  • Sea levels rising at an alarming rate;
  • a billion people being displaced;
  • global temperatures rising by 3Cc;
  • political unrest and a possible war over land;
  • catastrophic floods, droughts, heatwaves and wildfires;
  • premature deaths from environmental damage;
  • the extinction of one million animal species;
  • and the world’s ice sheets vanishing

Leading Irish climatologist Professor John Sweeney warned there will be massive changes to Irish weather in 30 years’ time if we don’t act now.

“The most pressing impacts will come from increased flood risks,” he warned.


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