We could be big in Japan with new direct flights


A DIRECT flight from Dublin Airport to Japan may be on the cards as talks took place last week with Japanese officials about the possibility of such.

The long, long-haul flight, which would be almost 10,000km (6,214 miles) could become a reality in the “medium future” as officials met last week to discuss the possibility.

Transport Minister Shane Ross, who attended Ireland’s Rugby World Cup loss to New Zealand recently, met with Japanese Minsiter Kazuyoshi Akaba to discuss the plan on the previous Friday.

A post from the Irish Embassy read: “In Tokyo, Ireland and Japan Transport Ministers Ross and Akaba oversee senior signing of bilateral, facilitative document pointing to direct, Japan/ Ireland air services in medium term.”

ambitious route would be the longest direct flight in operation from Dublin

The ambitious route would be by far the longest direct flight in operation from Dublin.
Currently the farthest location you can get to direct is the 8,300km (5,157 miles) to Los Angeles with Aer Lingus.

On Friday last, Australian Airline Qantas test-ran the longest direct flight in the world.
Project Sunrise, which aims to connect Sydney to London and New York directly, operated a flight with 40 crew on board.

The flight took off from JFK Airport in New York on Friday night and took 20 hours to land in Sydney

The 15-hour time-difference meant it landed in Australia on the Sunday morning.

With demand for air travel rapidly growing and aircraft performance improving, carriers are increasingly looking into ultra-long-haul travel. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) expects the worldwide number of annual passengers to grow from 4.6 billion this year to 8.2b. by 2037.

At this point in time, no commercial aircraft could complete the New York-to-Sydney marathon with a full load. To give the plane the needed range, the Qantas flight took off with maximum fuel, only a few passengers, restricted baggage and no cargo. The aim was to gather data on such.


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