Trinity grad in ‘school’ jumper refused wine


A GRADUATE was left completely bemused by staff in a South Dublin supermarket after she was refused alcohol because she was wearing a ‘uniform’ college jumper.

The woman (22) told how she tried to buy wine and cheese in a Lidl shop with her friends but was turned down. The incident happened at 8pm on a recent Sunday evening, a time when nobody would be wearing school uniforms, according to Dublin Live.

The Trinity graduate said she and her friends all produced ID but the till attendant called the manager who refused her service on the basis that she was “wearing a uniform”.

manager  refused her service on the basis that she was wearing a uniform

She said: “After picking up the wine, I was getting the cheese and some crackers and we went to the till and the worker was like, ‘Are you together?’ “We said yes and both showed our IDs and then she was waiting.

“I thought she just needed the manager to swipe her on or something but then she said something like, ‘Oh I don’t know if you can get alcohol in uniform’. “We were like, ‘What are you on about?’ and then she pointed out the jumper.

“The manager came and he was like no we can’t serve so we just left all the stuff cause we were so thick and confused.”

The friends then went to Aldi in Nutgrove where they said they had no issues getting their wine.

The Trinity jumper, which has the college’s name on the front, also has ‘Class of 2019’ on the back.

Staff are not permitted to sell alcohol to Gardai in uniform either

A spokeswoman for Lidl confirmed that the incident in question “was as a result of an honest mistake by an employee”.

She added: “As a founding member of the Responsible Retailers of Alcohol in Ireland, Lidl Ireland takes its policies with regard to the sale of alcohol very seriously and carries out regular training.

“Staff are not permitted to sell alcohol to Gardai in uniform either.”


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