‘Threats’ sees hotel cancel cruelty debate


A WELL-KNOWN Dublin hotel has cancelled an upcoming conference focused on ending greyhound cruelty in Ireland after it was “inundated with crank and abusive calls”.

Event organisers say there are now looking for an alternative venue after the hotel cancelled their booking citing a “significant risk to the health and safety of the hotel”.

Greyhounds Around the Globe, an international conference on greyhound welfare, was due to take place on November 30th with a number of TDs scheduled to speak at it.

inundated with crank and abusive calls

The greyhound industry has faced heavy criticism in recent months after an RTÉ investigation claimed in June that almost 6,000 greyhounds were killed for not racing fast enough in 2017.

Carey Theil, co-founder, GREY2K

GREY2K USA Worldwide and the Irish Council Against Blood Sports were told on Monday that their event had been cancelled as it was bringing the hotel into disrepute and injuring its reputation.

Carey Theil, a co-founder of GREY2K, said in the two decades of fighting for greyhounds, they had never faced this level of intimidation and harassment.

real and significant risk to the health and safety of the hotel

“It reflects poorly on the character of those involved in the Irish greyhound industry,” he said. A senior member of hotel staff cited the terms and conditions, signed by event organisers, which state that the hotel “may cancel this event should it have any reason to believe the booking may prejudice the reputation of the hotel”.

“Having considered the event and possible disruption to both you as an organiser and the hotels day to day operations and the threat of protests from members of the public we have decided there is a real and significant risk to the health and safety of the hotel, its staff and event participants and on that basis we have no choice but to inform you that we are cancelling this event.”

The hotel said it has been “inundated with crank and abusive calls” with members of staff being threatened, placing the establishment in “an extraordinary situation which cannot be justified”.


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