Survey to examine our views on WiFi


DUBLINERS are being asked for their views on the location of new free public WiFi spots across the city.

Dublin City Council are providing the new locations as part of the EU-led initiative, WiFi4EU.
The initiative aims to advance free and open access to WiFi for citizens in public spaces, such as squares, libraries, community centres, parks, leisure centres and council facilities.

Public consultation opens today and will close on Wednesday, June 12th.

Submissions will be assessed if they meet the following criteria:

  • Do they refer to centres of public life, indoor or outdoor, that are accessible to the general public?
  • Are there already existing offers of free and open WiFi in these locations?
  • Is there an opportunity to upgrade or extend an existing public network?
  • Public consultation is open to all citizens and organisations.

Up to 59 town centres and public spaces in Ireland are to get free Wi-Fi.


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