Pollution fears grow for our beaches


FOLLOWING warnings about water pollution in coastal towns around Dublin, a dark liquid seeping into waters around Ringsend is causing more concern.

Near the end of June, three popular swimming spots in the south of Dublin were temporarily closed amid fears of low quality water.

Now new photos taken by Dublincityshots shows a dark liquid seeping into the water which surrounds the Ringsend Wastewater Treatment Plant near Poolbeg Beach and Sandymount Beach.

One photo taken by Dublincityshots shows a drain that appears to be filtering liquid out from the plant into the water.

Irish Water has addressed concerns and said no incidents have occurred at the Ringsend Wastewater Treatment Plant.

A spokesperson explained to Extra.ie that the wastewater being filtered from the plant is not harmful and is being treated to the best possible standards currently achievable at the plant.


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