Isis bride Lisa ‘knows’ of city jihadist link


ISIS bride Lisa Smith attempted to negotiate her return home with information on a family in Dublin with links to the terror group, sources claim.

The family allegedly lives in Dublin city centre and keep a low profile.

The father, who came to Ireland after facing pressure in his native country, has Irish citizenship.

They returned to Ireland two years ago after fleeing Raqqa, the Irish Daily Mirror reports.

The former Aer Corps member and naturalised Irish citizen Alexandr Bekmirzaev claimed to have met the family in ISIS terror capital Raqqa.

wanted to live a more Islamic life

The parents are believed to be die hard supporters of the jihadists who took their young children to live in the caliphate. Now back in Ireland after detention in Turkey the family have enrolled their children in school. It is believed the family are being watched by authorities since their return.

Smith, 38, is now believed to be reluctant to return to Ireland as she may face charges and will be unable to travel overseas.

The father of the family previously told locals he “wanted to live a more Islamic life” but is tight-lipped over his movements between 2014 and 2017.

According to a source close to the family, they have tightened their circle ahead of Smith’s impending arrival.

He is worried Lisa Smith could blow the lid off his life here

He said: “They used to be more prominent before they left, involved in the Islamic community in Ireland sort of “experts” on Islamic law. They left in around 2014 and said it was because they found it too hard to get a place to live here.  Then they just came back out of the blue.

“They’re keeping a low profile since they came back and not talking to anyone.

“The father has been very nervous. He was involved in some big things over there and is getting very paranoid. He is worried Lisa Smith could blow the lid off his life here.”

The family may have made one trip back to Ireland during their time in ISIS.


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