High Court action over city squatters


THE OWNERS of a building at 42 and 43 Blessington Street in Dublin 7 have brought a High Court application seeking to remove unknown trespassers from the property.

Construction firms Deck Building Services DAC KDM Construction Ltd and Clonmel Enterprises Ltd are the owners of a three storey-over-basement Georgian Building.

The building had been used as a commercial premises at 42 & 42 Blessington Street.
The owners, represented in court by Padraig D Lyons Bl, want to convert the property, which had been vacant for some time into an aparthotel.

Earlier this month the plaintiffs claimed the premises, was unlawfully occupied by a number of unknown persons.

The locks on the doors have been changed.

not currently safe for occupation

One of the occupants identified themselves as Oliver Rabbite and another identified himself as Mouse. The occupants were asked to leave, but have claimed they have permission to reside in the property. They have also claimed that they have no alternative accommodation and would not be leaving.

The owners say the building is not currently safe for occupation and in its current poor state does not comply with building regulations. Works had been planned to make the property compliant with fire safety regulations.

As a result of the failure to vacate the plaintiffs seek various orders including ones directing the persons occupying the property to vacate, deliver up possession of, and cease trespassing at the premises.

The matter came before Ms Justice Leonie Reynolds on Tuesday of last week. The Judge, on an ex parte basis, granted the plaintiffs permission to serve short notice of the proceedings on the person’s occupying the premises.

The matter was adjourned but it is expected to return again before the court before the end of this month..


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