Don’t go near the water…


THREE out of five of the lowest-rated water quality beaches in Ireland are in Dublin, according to a new report.

The Bathing Water Quality 2018 report found that the Dublin beaches which ranked a ‘poor’ standard in bathing quality are Merrion Strand, Sandymount Strand and the Brook Beach in Portrane in Dublin.

Merrion Strand has been found to have poor water quality for the last four years. The report found that water quality was impacted at both Merrion Strand and Sandymount Strand as they have streams flowing on to them.

Some of these streams have been found to contain “leaks spills and overflows from wastewater collection systems, and runoff from roads” the report published today by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found.

The Brook Beach in Portrane has been classified as ‘poor’ for the last three years. The main cause of pollution into the water is believed to be “septic tank discharges, birds, dog fouling and leaks, spills and overflows from sewers”.

A ‘poor’ rating means that the bathing water has not met minimum standards.


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