Cyclists warned as thieves target the uplands


Cyclists have been told to be on the look-out for gangs of thieves who are taking bikes from people in the uplands.

Gardai are investigating a recent incident at Sally Gap, when a lone, male cyclist was forced into a ditch after a car drove directly at him. Two men then got out of the car and took the man’s bike, a red and white Trek 1.7, from the scene worth €800.

Cyclist Ian Baldwin posted about the theft on Twitter as he warned other bike users to be wary. He posted: “So I’ve just had this happen to me an hour ago 100 yards from the Sally Gap junction.

“Two guys in a car drove me off the road into a ditch and nicked my bike. Luckily my phone was in my back pocket not my stem bag. Reported to the Garda and getting a lift home.”

Meanwhile, Dublin Cycling Group said they have noticed a “pattern emerging” in bicycle thefts in the Dublin and Wicklow mountains. They have received several reports of bikes being forcefully stolen from solo cyclists along the route.

Some cyclists have also reported their phones being stolen. “There seems to be a bit of a pattern emerging,” Dublin Cycling Group spokesperson said.

a terrifying experience

“Ripping someone off a bike and into a ditch, with the bike being pulled off them, is a terrifying experience.

“They seem to be targeting people on high-end road bikes and then stealing their phones, maybe so they can’t contact gardaí.”

“But it’s pretty sinister if someone was injured after being ran off the road and couldn’t call for help if their bike was stolen. It’s pretty scary to think what could happen.

The group also called for additional Garda presence in the area. The route through the Dublin and Wicklow mountains is very popular with cyclists.

it’s a horror story

“It’s an extremely popular route,” Mr Ryan continued. “So many routes head out through the Sally Gap junction as it connects to many suburb towns and cyclists then head through the mountains and out to Bray.” expressed his concern. “It’s horrendous to think that this may be planned but even if this is done on a whim, it’s a horror story,” he said.


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