Are you on Bowery ban list?


A DUBLIN pub has ‘banned’ certain people from its premises on Rathmines Road, so, if your name is Karen or have studied in NCAD, then you better steer clear of The Bowery.

The pub has posted images of its ‘banned customers’ list and while some will having you nodding in agreement, others seem a little bit harsh.

For example, according to the sign, chicken fillet rolls are unwelcome at the pirate-ship themed music venue.

Anyone called Karen and ‘Gav’s Ma’ are others who may feel hard done by but the likes of Trump, Harvey Weinstein and R.Kelly are obviously justified.

However, many fans of Game of Thrones Season 8 won’t be too upset about the TV show’s creator David Benioff being on there.

As for banning The Simpsons post-2000 well… that’s okay but wrestling legend the Ultimate Warrior? He seemingly died five years ago!


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