No wills, so €1.6m goes to the State!

Signing Last Will and Testament document

THE estates of up to 200 deceased people have gone to the State since 2015 because they did not leave a will and no relative could be found.

As a result more than €1.6m went to the coffers of the Department of Finance.

When a person dies without making a will, the rules of intestacy apply. This means the money is divided between the deceased’s closest relatives, which can include nieces and nephews.

If no relatives are found, the proceeds of the estate are handed over to the State.

New figures show this has happened 194 times since the beginning of 2015, with the total value of the estates being €1.6m.

Up to 134 of the estates amounted to less than €1,000, and a further 55 were less than €100,000. However, five came to more than €100,000, the highest valued at €361,000.


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