New Lidl plans still held up by county council


THE proposed new Lidl in Bagenalstown have been “on hold” since April on the local authority’s planning website after Carlow County Council sought “further information”.

The German retailer submitted a new application on February 8th this year for the construction of a supermarket in the town and a decision was due by the local authority on April 4th. However, on April 3rd the council sought “further information” on the application and it has been “on hold” since.

The planning application lodged looks for the construction of a single storey supermarket including an off-licence sales area (Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 2,268sqm; a coffee shop (GFA 210sqm); plaza and enhanced public realm and landscaping.

The development at Royal Oak Road, Moneybeg, Bagenalstown would include a single point of vehicular access and egress, off and to the Royal Oak Road; an ESB sub-station building (GFA 23sqm) and a bin storage unit of (circa GFA 6sqm).

It would also allow for the provision of car and cycle parking and two electric vehicle charging spaces; trolley bays (GFA 38sqm); boundary treatment, hard and soft landscaping, drainage and underground services and associated site development works as required.

Tullow turned into a “ghost town”

The development includes all signage. Meanwhile, a local business has hit out at parking restrictions in Tullow saying it will be turned into a “ghost town” because of repeated disruptions to services.

In a post on Facebook, Wards Tullow, which is located on The Square, asked if local representatives wanted Tullow “to be a ghost town as they try to restrict people parking”.
The business owner was not concerned for their shop but for the “older community who need to attend doctors, chemists”.

They said: “This will destroy our town and businesses. It looks like a long term plan to drive people out of their home town.”

The post has garnered huge discussion online with more than 100 comments from users and 50 shares.

Councillor Will Paton was among those to post on the thread and said he had been in contact with the Area Engineer’s Office and established that the works were to take place some time this week.


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