Code to better your care from your chemist

Niall Byrne by City Headshots Dublin

A NEW Code of Conduct, setting out revised ethical standards that all pharmacists must meet, was published last week by the pharmacy regulator, the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland, (the PSI). 

It takes note modern pharmacy practice and public expectations as well as legal changes in Ireland in recent years, to ensure that pharmacists are clear about their responsibilities.

The launch of the code was marked on World Pharmacists Day, highlighting the important role pharmacists play in ensuring the safe and effective provision of medicines and access to advice and services for the public.

The new code puts the patient first, sets out provisions for acting professionally and for communicating effectively, enabling enhanced patient-centric care.  As well as being a document for pharmacists, it creates a picture of what patients should expect when visiting their pharmacy or when receiving treatment and advice.

Developed following an extensive consultation process with the public, patients, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals it replaces a pre-existing code, which had been in place since 2009.

According to Niall Byrne, Registrar and Chief Officer of the PSI, the updated Code of Conduct acknowledges the changes that have taken place in healthcare, in pharmacy, and an evolving role for pharmacists, as well as a need to ensure that this code remains relevant for current and future pharmacy care and services that will be on offer to patients.

“We encourage the public as well as pharmacists to familiarise themselves with the Code, which sets out the ethical standards that the public, patients and other healthcare professionals expect from pharmacists.”

Aware of the number of visits made by the public to pharmacies every month, the PSI maintains that upholding professional trust is the cornerstone to providing effective and safe pharmacy services that benefit patients.


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