Autism: ‘schools under sourced’


A CARLOW mother has said that children with autism are being hugely disadvantaged because they can’t get school places.

Stephanie Hogan has started a campaign group called ‘Open Your Doors – ASD Inclusion’ which held its first public meeting last week.

Mrs Hogan said there was only one school in Carlow Town with an ASD unit for autistic children but there needed to be more.

“There’s so many parents that don’t have a place or options with regards to homeschool. It is a nation-wide problem but I would love to see schools in Carlow coming together and saying we definitely need another class.

“I appreciate that schools cannot just open doors up overnight, they need time. However, they need their special needs organisers to say that they want to go forward with this, the funding, planning with teachers and teacher training.”

We just needed to get the conversation started in Carlow, she said.


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